Why is Holi Celebrated ?

By | February 6, 2016

Why is Holi Celebrated?

History of holi

History of Holi

  • Holi is one of the Big and Main Festival of India. Holi has it’s own Importance and Story Behind Why is Holi Celebrated? Holi is a Celebrated in the Month of MARCH every year. Holi is not only Celebrated in India, but It’s celebrated in Different Countries like Spain, London, France, Part of US, Brasil, etc.
  • Holi is the occasion of playing with colored powder (‘gulal’) or colored water on each other breaks all limits of discrimination. So that everyone looks the same, and universal brotherhood is reaffirmed in world. This is one simple reason to participate in this colorful festival. Let’s learn more about its history and significance.

The Story Of Prahlad and Holika

  • Holika was a female demon, and the sister of Hiranyakashyap, the demon king. Hiranyakashyap considered himself ruler and God of the Universe, and higher than all the gods and Devta’s.Prahalad was the Hiranyakashyap’s son. His father hated him because Prahalad was a faithful devote of the Lord Vishnu.

    One day his father asked Prahlad “Who is the greatest, God or I?”

    “God,” said the son, “you are only a king.”

    The king was furious and decided to murder his son.

    But the king’s attempts at murder didn’t work too well. Prahalad survived being thrown over a cliff, being trampled by elephants, bitten by snakes, and attacked by soldiers.

    So the king asked his sister, Holika, to kill the his son.

    Holika seized Prahalad and sat in the middle of a fire with Prahlad on her lap.

    Holika had been given a magic power by the gods that made her immune to fire, so she thought this was a pretty good plan, and Prahalad would burn to death while she remained cool.



    But it’s never wise to take gods’ gifts for granted! Because Holika was using her gift to do something evil, her power vanished, and she was burned to ashes. Prahalad stayed true to his God, Vishnu, and sat praying in the lap of his demon aunt. Vishnu protected him, and Prahalad survived and Holika Burnt in Fire.

    Shortly afterwards, Vishnu killed King Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad ruled as a wise king in his father’s place.

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