Regional Names of Holi – Different Names of Holi in India

By | March 7, 2016

Regional Names of Holi

One of The Biggest and Festival Of Colours Known as Holi in India. Holi is 2nd Biggest Festival Of India After Diwali. People Enjoy the Holi Festival With Full of enthusiasm and Different Colours, Thandai, Bhang and Mataki Fod Utsav. In India Holi has Many Different Names according to Regions.

Regional Holi Names

Regional Holi Names

People of Different states have their Own Ways to Celebrates Holi. Here is a List of Regional Names of Holi in India.

Holi Regional Names

  1. Lathmaar Holi

  2. Dulandi Holi

  3. Rangpanchami

  4. Basant Utsav

  5. Dol Purnima

  6. Hola Mohalla

  7. Shimgo

  8. Kaman Pandigai

  9. Phagu Purnima

  • Popularity of Holi can be gauged from the number of names Holi has in different states. Also of great interest is the story behind each of these names of Holi.

Lathmar Holi

Holi Of Barsana is Known as Lathmar Holi. All the Men wear the Women Saris and Dress. All the Women will Hit the Men by a Stick Called Lathi. Men have to Stay away from Hit. So by this way People of Barsana Play Lathmar Holi.

Dulandi Holi

Holi of Haryana Known as Dhulandi Holi. Here, bhabhi – the brothers wife gets an upper hand on the day of holi. And, devar’s watch out. In Dhulandi Holi there is also a tradition of breaking the pot of buttermilk hung high in the street by forming a human pyramid in Matki fod Utsav.


People of Maharashtra commonly know this festival of colours (Holi) by the name of Rangpanchami as the play of colours is reserved for the fifth day here. Locals of Maharashtra also know Holi as Shimga or Shimgo. In Maharashtra Matki Fod Festival is Very Well Known, Group of People Form a Pyramid and They have to Break the Pot Place very High from the Ground. 

Basant Utsav

Holi by the name of Basant Utsav is celebrated with fervour in the state of West Bengal. The tradition of Vasantotsav, meaning Spring Festival was started by poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore at Shantiniketan, the University.

Dol Purnima

The festival Of Holi In West Bengal is also known as ‘Dol Jatra’, ‘Dol Purnima’ or the ‘Swing Festival’.

Hola Mohalla

Holi Of Punjab Known as HOLA MOHALLA, Hola Mohalla In Punjab is actually an annual fair that is organised in a large scale at Anandpur Sahib City in Punjab on the day following the festival of Holi. Practise of holding a fair of this kind was initiated by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh guru. Purpose of the fair was to physically strengthen the Sikh community by holding military exercises and mock battles In Punjab During Holi Festival.


In the KONKANI Region of India Holi is Known as Shimgo.

Kaman Pandigai

Holi Festival Celebration in Tamil Nadu also Known as KAMAN PANDIGAI. people worship Kaamadeva for his supreme sacrifice on the occasion of Holi. People know Holi by three different names Kaman Pandigai, Kamavilas and Kama-Dahanam.

Phagu Purnima

Phagu Purnima is another name for Holi where Phagu means the sacred red powder and Purnima or Pune is the full moon day, on which the festival ends in India.

So, These all are the Holi Regional Names in INDIA, Let us Know if we Miss out any other NAMES in Comment Section.

We Wish You a Very Happy and Safe Holi.