Holi Festival Dress Code

By | February 14, 2016

Holi Festival Dress Code

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Hi Friends, So you all are Excited for Upcoming Holi Festival Ha!!. with a New article we come up with new Ideas.So, Many people have Query that what should be the Dress-code to Play Holi…So, here We have collected some Cool Ideas what to wear in the Day of Holi.

  • There are not any fix Dress-code rule in Holi but We prefer you to wear White Colour Cloths.
  • White pants or Jeans for Boys, White Dress or Sari for Girls and Ladies.
  • Please Make sure that you Wear Sunglasses or Spaces to Protect your Eyes from Colour.
  • Put kind of Rumaal or Piece of Cloth on Your Head so that your Hairs get Protected from Chemical Colour.
  • Wear full sleeve Shirt or T-shirt to Protect Skin from Chemical Colour. and Make sure Only Play with NATURAL COLOURS.
  • Wear Shoe or Sandles.
  • Try to Play Dry Holi. Don’t Play with Water Holi.Save Water Because there are many People in this world that they can’t Get Drinking Water.
  • Don’t use PAKKA COLOUR.
  • Don’t Get Aggressive while Playing Holi. Sometimes It converts in WAR. Play Holi with Cool and Calm Mind.

So, that was Some Bullet point and List about Holi Festival Dress code and Some Important Point about Holi. Hope You Like and Enjoy the Post and Don’t miss to check out BEST HOLI GREETINGS MESSAGES, HOLI GREETINGS CARDS, HOLI CELEBRATION IDEAS AND HUGE COLLECTION OF HAPPY HOLI WISHES.