What is Holi? Holi 2017, Celebrate Holi day, Holi Festival in India

By | February 26, 2017

What is Holi? Holi 2017, How to Celebrate Holi day, Holi Festival in India

Holi Festival : As the springs arrive, there is a big excitement about one of the most celebrated festivals in India and Hindu Culture. Holi is a festival of Hindu, and it marks the arrival of spring season. Holi is also known as a festival of colors, and it is celebrated all over India. This two-day festival shows the celebration of color, lover, and fertility.

People from all over the world comes to India to celebrate Holi because Holi is celebrated mostly in India. There are other countries who celebrate this festival of colors, and one of them is Nepal.

Happy holi

In this festival, there is a fun environment and surroundings. People use color powders and coat them on their friends and family which can be termed as the rituals of this festival. Some kids and teenagers use water balloons and throw it on each other just for fun. All these coloring routines and play is the one part of Holi. This Holi is split into two events, and it happens in two consecutive days. These two events are known as Holika Dahan and Rangwali Holi.

Now let’s talk about these two events which may give you some information in depth about Holi festival.

Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan is celebrated as a symbolic pyre by burning wood and dung-cakes. This signifies the good defeating of Devil Holika to death by God Vishnu. This event is happening a night before the Rangwali Holi. Speaking of Rangwali Holi, let’s talk about it.

Rangwali Holi

After Holika Dahan, the nest morning Rangwali Holi is celebrated. People gather around and play with color powders. People chase around each other and tries to coat color powder on each other in a friendly manner. Modern day people celebrate this with food, music, dance and healthy event.

So this year celebration of Holi will be full of fun, music, food and hang out with friends and family.

holi festival

When is Holi?

The date of Holi festival cannot be specific as it is synchronized with the moon. So this festival occurs at different dates, and it varies each and every year. As of 2017, Holi (Rangwali Holi) will take place on 24th March and Holika Dahan will occur on 23rd March.

Holi is celebrated because of the rituals and mythologies. To be specific, it is celebrated because of the defeat of Devil Holika who was burned by God Krishna. Radha is another legend which is a highlight in this myth. Krishna painted the skin of Radha to match their skin color. Many lovers in this generation also color each other’s face to symbolize what Krishna did to Radha which shows the symbol of love.

There might be some serious cases during Holi season like throwing water balloons to strangers which might make them mad, so my advice is to play those act with your friends and family only.

So this Holi, celebrate this festival with love and friendship. Meet and greet people from your surroundings especially with your friends and family. and use Snapchat while playing holi and increase your Snapchat Score.

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