Best way to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi

By | March 11, 2017

Eco-Friendly Holi

The main aim of this articles is to generate awareness amongst the people about the various harmful effects around Holi celebrations and encourage people to celebrate an Eco-friendly Holi. there are many ways to celebrate the holi like Water balloons and pichkaris, brightly coloured powders (gulal) and paint, water guns and sprinklers; the perfect way to celebrate in Holi, the exuberant festival of colours. Holi, a festival where geysers of colours shoot in the air, the atmosphere filled with mischief, people dousing each other with colours and water, and immersing themselves in masti.

How to Celebrate Eco-Friendly holi

eco-friendli holi

eco-friendly holi

  • To Celebrate Eco-friendly holi Make colours at home. Your friends and neighbours will like this, as there are no harsh chemicals to deal with and no side effects. Plus, they are easily washable from the skin and clothes, thus reducing water consumption drastically.  Gram flour, turmeric, fuller’s earth, sandal wood powder, henna powder; these can be used to make myriad colours. Flowers like marigold and gulmohar, and vegetables like beetroot can be easily used to create fine colours.
  • Avoid Using Plastic Bags and Balloons to celebrate Eco-friendly holi
    Lot of people have a habit of throwing small plastic bags and balloons filled with water on each other. The remains of which create environmental pollution. Hitting each other with plastic bags and balloons during Holi can cause harm to some external organs. You should also stop other people from doing this.
  • Celebrate a waterless Eco-friendly holi. It will also save Water.
  • No water in pichkaris, no hurling water balloons, paints and bags on each other. In short, a dry Holi is one with only colours and no water.

eco-friendly holi

eco-friendly holi

  • Celebrate Dry Holi
    Every year due to water shortage, Nashikites played Holi using dry colours. But now the people have decided to repeat the same despite adequate water supply. so Play Dry Holi.
  • Herbal colours For Eco-friendly holi
    Use herbal colours to prevent any damage to your skin and hair in Holi Celebration. Chemical colours, especially metallic colours should not be used. These colours damage the skin and hair and the effects can be dangerous. Herbal colours like vegetable colours, turmeric, colours made from flower and fruit extracts are safe and you can enjoy without causing any harm.
  • Plan a community celebration for Holi, or designate an area for playing Holi. This way, you avoid getting the entire house dirty. After playing, let the kids use a commune bath if possible.
  • Share your natural colours with your friends and relatives. Such sharing of eco-friendly colourswill encourage your friends and relatives to celebrate an Eco-friendly holi. In-fact you can make a plan with your friends or relatives to prepare natural colours one day before Holi. This activity will help you to involve more and more people to celebrate anEco-friendly holi with you.
  • While playing Holi wear dark coloured clothes. This makes cleaning easier with less water usage as well.
  • Apply coconut oil on hair which acts as a protecting agent and prevents colours from penetrating deep inside hair. Or wear a cap or bandana to protect your hair.
  • To prevent nails from being stained, coat it with a dark nail polish.



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